Trusts and Asset Protection

Trusts and Asset Protection

We work together with your Accountant or other Financial Advisors (if necessary) to create Trusts and Companies that meet your particular requirements.

For example, you may be concerned about asset protection if you are involved in business, you may have certain relationship property considerations or you may require some flexibility when putting in place your succession plan.

We are experts in the area of trust law and we take a pro-active approach in discussing the benefits of having your important assets in appropriate structures to suit your particular circumstances.

We understand that if a Trust is not properly operated, it may not provide the protection that you require. We provide guidance on prudent procedures which should be established and maintained to ensure the protections offered by a Trust are not undermined. We will guide you through the appropriate supporting documentation for a Trust.

We will also set up and administer gifting programmes, provide independent trustee services, and liaise on your behalf with IRD and other parties.