Business and Commercial

Business and Commercial

We provide sound and practical advice on Business and Commercial law matters for all types of businesses and structures.

If you are starting a new business, we can advise you on the best business structure to use and then take all steps to put that structure into effect. If that structure is a company, then we will also advise you on the appropriate supporting documents such as a Constitution and a Shareholders Agreement.

If you are hoping to buy or sell an existing business, or shares in an existing business, we can draw on our considerable experience and assist you with negotiations and the terms of any Agreement.

When the business is up and running we provide ongoing support and assist with the many statutory requirements that may impact on your business (for example the obligations imposed by the Companies Act and the Fair Trading Act).  We also advise on intellectual property protections (such as copyright and Trade Marks).

We help you take care of your legal obligations to enable you to focus on making your business as profitable as it can be.