Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We advise on a variety of litigation matters every day, and ensure that you are properly informed of the available options and the costs associated with each approach.

We provide advice on almost all types of disputes – from assisting with family dispute resolution, to claims against Trustees to commercial or property disputes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars – and we follow up on that advice by acting for you in all steps necessary to resolve matters, whether by negotiation, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) or court action.

Negotiation and ADR options such as mediation and arbitration are often faster and more cost-effective options and are particularly relevant where the parties want to try and preserve their personal or working relationship whilst resolving the dispute. We can advise you on the pros-and-cons of each option and attend any negotiation mediation or arbitration with you.

In other situations, it is in your best interest to take Court action. We regularly appear in the High Court and District Court around New Zealand, sometimes at very short notice. Whatever your situation or the reason for the Court action, we ensure your case is put forward strongly and effectively.

We also recognise that you may want to bring your own claim, particularly in the Disputes Tribunal. We can tell you what to expect, help you prepare and draft or review what you are going to submit or present.

Key Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution Services

  • Debt recovery advice and action
  • Family dispute resolution
  • Bankruptcy, statutory demand and liquidation advice and representation
  • Negotiating, drafting and advising on settlement agreements
  • Attending negotiations, mediations judicial settlement conferences and arbitrations
  • Appearing with you in the District Court or the High Court

Examples of Recent Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution Work

  • Negotiated resolution of significant property dispute
  • District Court action for breach of commercial supply agreement
  • District Court action for breach of franchise agreement
  • High Court breach of trust action
  • High Court action for professional negligence